Building A Culture Of Great Service

If you Googled Zingerman's Customer Service, you'd mostly find nothing but praise, from the likes of Saveur and Forbes magazines to a plethora of unknown but passionate foodie and business bloggers. Through their incredible 30 year growth from a small corner delicatessen to a community of 10 businesses with over 750 employees and $55 million in revenue, Zingerman's has continued to be widely recognized for treating their customers like royalty. It begs the question - how do they do it?

In this keynote, Elnian Gilbert reveals the answer to just that question. Elnian will share the concrete and repeatable steps Zingerman's has taken to embed the idea of exemplary customer service into the very DNA of the organization, in other words, to create an organizational culture of great service.

This message, delivered with Elnian's infectious passion for customer service, humor, and down-to-earth approach, is sure to leave listeners believing that they can transform the customer service in their organizations and inspired to do just that!