Get Out From In, Get Into On

Working ON your business instead of IN it

There is a point in the life of every business when the owners and leaders need to get out from working solely IN their businesses and get into working ON their businesses, In other words, to spend more time answering questions like - Who are we? and less time answering questions like - Who is working the afternoon shift? A point where it becomes imperative to figure out what values your business lives by, where your business is going in the next 10 years and the strategic plan that’s going to get you there.

In this genuinely passionate keynote, Steve Mangigian will tell the story of his journey to becoming Managing Partner at Zingerman’s Coffee Company. Although seemingly circuitous, the story of Steve’s journey will illustrate in the most compelling and straightforward manner how having a clear vision and articulating the values you are driven by is a surefire way to get the life and the business you want. Not only will you leave inspired to draft your vision and values, you’ll leave with a clear idea on how to get going!