Zingerman's Business Model: Nurturing The Individual Spirit

Organizational missions, visions, and values are critical to the sustained success of any business. Few would deny that. But anyone who has tried to create a thriving organization that is also a fulfilling place to work knows that another crucial piece of that success equation is nurturing the individual.

And yet, trying to find the balance between the needs of the individual versus the needs of the organization is no easy quest. Nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit while also fostering collaborative and cooperative work is one of the most challenging aspects of leadership today. How does one engage employees so that it serves the interests of both the business and the individual? Is it possible to design an organization's hierarchy and governance so that they enable the business to be nimble and innovative but also allow individuals to have a voice and feel heard?

In this thought-provoking keynote, Amy Emberling, Managing Partner of Zingerman's Bakehouse, will lead you through how Zingerman's has managed that balance and nurtured the individual, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit while also serving the larger mission and vision of the Zingerman's Community of Businesses. Delivered in Amy's impassioned style, this keynote is chock full of radical ways to think about the everyday aspects of business leadership, ownership and more!